Michaline & Matthew Todd

Exceptional Attention to Detail & Integrity

We had the pleasure of working with Ben Rush as our realtor and cannot recommend him highly enough! From the beginning, Ben impressed us with his unwavering integrity and kindness. He genuinely cares about his clients' needs and goes above and beyond to ensure they are met.
Ben meticulously prepared our home for the market, paying close attention to all the little things that make a big difference. His efforts made our home stand out, attracting serious buyers quickly. Ben's proactive approach and dedication were evident as he diligently worked to get everything lined up for a smooth transaction, even investing some sweat equity.
What truly sets Ben apart is his commitment to his clients. He put in the extra hours, always available to answer our questions and guide us through the process. His hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed, and we felt completely supported every step of the way.
If you're looking for a realtor who truly puts in the work and cares about getting the best outcome for you, look no further than Ben Rush. He is a professional you can trust to handle your real estate needs with expertise and grace.

Alan Mook

For twelve years now I have and continue to benefit from Ben's professional services. Obvious and exciting from day one are his intelligence, creativity and commitment to quality. In a rare package, he combines these valuable attributes with great heart in a lively and delightful personality. I have benefitted repeatedly from his knowledge, insights and observations both in my business and personal life, and trust him implicitly. It is a gift to have his professional help, and a great honor to count him now among my most cherished friends.

Deborah Canepa

Ben Rush is a smart, capable, reliable, caring, and creative young man. He is modern but with time-honored ideals and values. He is a blend of the best parts of the old world and the new. I would trust Ben to represent me whether buying or selling a property as I am certain that I and my property would be treated with kindness, care and respect. In a very cynical world Ben is a breath of fresh air.

Erin Stokes

Ben is insightful and extremely knowledgeable. I have found he always brings presence, truly hears and understands, and provides sound advice. He can think outside the box and solve problems. Every real estate question I have had he has had a thorough and thoughtful response, and an awareness of what the current opportunities are. He has extensive connections in the community and is loved and respected. He knows how to resent a place for sale, and he will work diligently to find the property that fits what you are looking for. He will go all out for you and has integrity in spades.

Rebecca Davis

It has been my pleasure to know Ben Rush for over 10 years. Ben is very intelligent hard-working and one of the most trustworthy people I know. Ben is friendly while at the same time very professional. Ben's amazing sense of humor will make you want to spend more time with him and keep laughing. Ben is gifted at putting the pieces together to get the job done. It is my great pleasure to recommend Ben Rush.

Kelly Oldakowski

Ben Rush is the most sincere, genuine person I know. He's intelligent, loyal, hardworking and caring. He bends over backwards for anyone who is in need of any kind of help. Ben is dedicated to his job and takes pride in helping others. I am honored to know Ben!

Richard Nicholson

Ben has been a very close friend of mine for several years, through some difficult times. An exceptional listener with a strong moral compass, Ben is always there for his friends and family, appropriately presenting an open ear, sage advice and an insight into people and society equalled by few.

One of the qualities I most like in Ben is that he's not afraid to tell you in a straightforward manner what needs to be said. He's not one of those people who will passively agree with your perspective or your thought process just to appease, to tell you what you want to hear. The rarest and most valued people we meet in life have their own voice and know how to share it with sensitivity and diplomacy, those who simply echo your own voice are just so numerous, and bring little more than a shallow, often false, affirmation of self.

In times of solitude, Ben is an exceedingly talented visual artist, creating large, powerful, emotive canvases with widely acclaimed exposure nationally and internationally. Using only a pallet knife, oils and canvas, his work centers on the expression of emotion, the connection with and between people, society and environment. A visually stunning rendition of color and texture, the emotional content is a clear reflection of the way in which Ben relates to people and the world- first with an honest simplicity, the powerful sense of the hard-hitting no-nonsense attitude of the creator formed into a framework on which he illustrates the seamlessly flowing, yet jarring, serene, yet tumultuous, flavors of life.

For his friends and family, so for his clients. As I have observed him in Real Estate, and prior, founding, building and running one of the most successful high-end salons in Santa Cruz County, he always has time, attention and focus for his clients. When he's working, it is all about his clients. 110%

Through the mechanics of dealings and negotiations, Ben is tenacious and detailed, very much a self-starting go-getter and doer- he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it and faced with an obstacle he won't cease till he finds a way through or around.

I certainly value Ben as a friend, and would have no qualms joining the ranks of his many, many life-long clients when the opportunity for a real estate transaction arrises.